Body Areas that are Affected by Excessive Sweating

The clinical terminology used for the problem of excessive sweating is ‘Hyperhidrosis’. Many individuals suffering from this embarrassing problem may feel that their whole body is sweating excessively but not everyone suffering from excessive sweating experience this kind of generalised sweating.

Many sufferers of hyperhidrosis experience localised excessive sweating which remain specific to the certain area of the body. The sweat glands of that particular area only produce excessive sweat. The areas that are most commonly affected by the issue of excessive sweating include;

The causes behind the hyperhidrosis of specific area or primary hyperhidrosis are largely unknown but it is claimed that over-active of sympathetic system is majorly responsible for it. According to some researches, it is a rare inherited condition and run in families and almost 2/3rd of sufferers may have someone in their family with this condition. A study results conducted on primary hyperhidrosis showed that almost 45% of the participants had the family history of the condition (Sonia, O.L., Joao, F.B. et al. Research of primary hyperhidrosis in students of medicine of the State of Sergipe, Brazil. An Bras Dermatol. 2015 Sep-Oct; 90(5): 661–665).

Hyperhidrosis affects the eccrine (water-producing) sweat glands in the body instead of apocrine glands which are responsible for producing the oily kind of sweat that causes bad odour especially in armpits. The bad odour in feet as a result of sweat is actually caused due to the overgrowth of skin bacteria which is facilitated due to sweating.

For many sufferers of hyperhidrosis, the nervousness or excitement can further worsen their condition. The common complaint by them is that they get quite nervous about their sweating and that nervousness leads to more sweating.

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