Chinese Traditional Medicine: Treatment for Sleep Hyperhidrosis

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Alternative medicine has worked wonders in curing several conditions with less time span and absolutely no side effects. Among them, Chinese traditional medicine provides treatment using nutrition for sweating during night time – a term “Sleep Hyperhidrosis” is used to describe such state.

Sleep Hyperhidrosis

From general medical point of view, it is part of focal hyperhidrosis causing excessive sweating on underarms, palms, soles, groin and face/scalp areas while sleeping at night. One of its common causes include hormonal changes due to menopause. Night sweating are harmless but can be a symptom of an underlying disease such as hepatitis. If sweating occurs due to hot temperature of bedroom or wearing warm clothes, then it’s perfectly normal.

Traditional Chinese Medicinal Approach – Yin and Yang

The idea behind Chinese medicinal practices is based on significance of intention. A person must avoid the happenings in the world outside and focus on its inner self. And for a disease, it is treated with the focus on its symptoms.

According to the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang, night sweats are associated with yin i.e. body essence which is a result of body running down on energy. Yin cools and nourishes the body while yang is its opposite force yet they both act along with each other. Therefore yin must remain in balance with yang to produce a healing power which boosts body’s energy.

Further, a disease, disorder or an unwanted condition occurs when the yin-yang equilibrium loses evenness. With the lack of yin’s cooling effect, the body heat finds a way out in the form of night sweats and hot flashes.

The Chinese medicine has spent two to three millennia in learning and practicing several disorders. It requires complete understanding of a particular condition’s symptoms. Our organs heat up with over activity. The body heat acts a symptom which informs about reducing body activity by changing daily lifestyle and habits such as consuming alcohol and caffeine.

Best Yin Foods

Here, nutrition comes into play. There are plenty of diets, particularly Chinese herbs which can act as yin fortifiers:

  • Beans – adzuki beans, kidney beans, black beans, black soya beans, mung beans
  • Protein – eggs, beef, duck, oyster, clams, crab, octopus, fish
  • Vegetables – asparagus, artichokes, peas, regular and sweet potatoes, seaweed, yams, tomatoes
  • Fruits – apples, pears, pomegranates, watermelon, bananas, avocadoes+
  • Others – barley, millet, sesame seeds, walnuts

Foods to avoid

On the other side, spicy and hot foods worsen the internal heat. Night sweat patients must avoid or reduce such foods like pepper, mustard, ginger, mutton, fennel, cinnamon and lychee, along with smoking and alcohol.

Understanding Symptoms

The key is to understand the symptoms and follow its requirements. These are the messages our body delivers to ourselves to keep our bodies healthy in the long-run.

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