The excessive palms sweating

Palmar hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating of palms is one of the most common kinds of excessive sweating that afflicts about 1% of the population. This condition is characterized by the excessive amount of sweating produced by the palms of the hands making them cold and moist. There are several triggers of heavy sweating in hands such as nervousness and anxiety. It is a physiological condition that occurs due to the hyperactivity of sympathetic nervous system.

Cause of Palmar hyperhidrosis

The hyperactivity of the sweat glands in the sympathetic nervous system leads to the excessive sweating of palms. The glands responsible for this condition are eccrine sweat glands, also known as ‘merocrine glands’. These are stimulated by the sympathetic nervous system. Sweat is produced by eccrine glands which is odourless and clear and is composed of water and NaCl. The NaCl secreted is reabsorbed in order to avoid the excessive loss of salt.

Physiology of excessive sweating

When an individual feels distressed, the nerves of sympathetic system are stimulated resulting in the generation of adrenalin in the blood stream. This results in the increase of heart rate and blood pressure. In reaction to this action, body generates sweat to regulate its temperature. However, the sufferers of Palmar Hyperhidoris will sweat irrespective of the situation because their psychological system is stimulated at a higher level.

Effects of excessive sweating of palms

Palmar hyperhidoris has both physical as well as psychological effects. People suffering from excessive palms sweating feel constant need of wiping their hands due to presence of excessive sweat and usually feel a tingling sensation. They feel it difficult to maintain and have social interactions because they feel afraid of shaking hands. They attempt to hide their condition from others which further increases the social and emotional pressure leading to more distress and anxiety. The condition becomes worse because affected individuals do not have control over their sweating.

During office or paper work, they need to use napkins or handkerchief to protect the sheets or documents on which they are writing on or need to clean the keyboard frequently while working on laptop or computer, as it can become wet and slippery causing mistakes in typing.

Intimate relationships are also adversely affected by excessive sweating of palms making the sufferer withdrawn and isolated. They may also miss out on the social and professional opportunities just because they feel difficulty in developing contact with others. The condition may even ruin the job interview.

To combat the symptoms of palmar hyperhidrosis, you may find useful tips on how to stop excessive sweating.

Palmar Hyperhdrosis treatment

There are different palmar hyperhidrosis treatment options available ranging from the use of prescription strength antiperspirants to oral medications.

Botox treatment for excessive sweating is also a proven treatment for excessive sweating but it is used off-label for excessive sweating of palms while giving equally effective and safe results as for excessive underarms sweating.