Excessive Sweating and the Clothes You Wear

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Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, can be annoying and frustrating at the best of times, while causing varying levels of discomfort, and even embarrassment at others. However, the biggest problem caused by the condition is perhaps the burden it puts on your wardrobe. You may be forced to change your clothes multiple times a day, entirely stop wearing certain fabrics for they contribute to the condition, and even avoid particular colours and shades because they are more likely to show sweat stains.

Now, you can of course opt to have your hyperhidrosis treated with Botox, which is a more long term solution for excessive sweating, but if you would rather avoid Botox or going to the doctor at all, you have limited options left available to you. One of them is to dress accordingly, at all hours of the day and the night, so your clothes do not unwittingly embarrass you.

The Clothes You Wear

Fortunately for people who suffer from excessive sweating, the fashion industry and the clothing realm churn out a ridiculously huge number of options, and you can choose clothes from amongst that variety which will help you look like a normal, sweat free person.

The Colours

To begin, you need to consider which colours you should wear and which you should avoid when you socialize or go out in public. Ideally, you would want to focus on either very dark colours, such as black and navy, or the very light ones, such as white – none of which show wet stains too prominently. Stay away from blue, grey, and bright colours though, for they are the worst options if you are trying to hide how profusely you sweat at times.

The Patterns

Patterns are next, and there are certain types which help disguise wet spots, such as camo and plaid. It is also a good idea to dress in layers, generally with a light, breathable undershirt which helps absorb sweat worn underneath your visible clothes. You can also add a cardigan or a jacket, made of a breathable fabric, to ensure wet spots are not visible to other people.

The Material

In addition to the colours, patterns, and layers, it is important you think about which materials to wear or to avoid. For people who suffer from excessive sweating, cotton is king, as breathable clothes are always beneficial, particularly in an office environment, where cotton can help you stay cool. A blend of polyester/cotton or pure polyester fabrics will cause you to sweat more, as they trap heat.

The way you dress contributes significantly to the impressions you make, and to how your personality is portrayed to the people you meet, and as such, you should of course dress to impress. However, you need to consider you own comfort as well, in addition to the suitability of particular clothes, especially if you are prone to excessive sweating.

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