The excessive Facial Sweating Treatment

One of the ways in which hyperhidrosis manifest is excessive facial sweating. This condition is characterized by excessive sweating on face so much so that the sweat starts dripping from the patient’s face even after minor physical acivity. It just not remains confined to the face but also affects the scalp and in some cases, it affects even the neck. When excessive sweating effects the scalp, the hair gives a dirty and oily appearance which makes it difficult to maintain any hair style.

As a result of excessive facial sweating, the patients feel extremely uncomfortable and anxious fearing that it might saturate their clothing. Especially in women who wear make-up on daily basis, this condition is quite torturous and unbearable. They feel constantly anxious and stressed which further add to the issue and they usually keep their hair short hoping that it will help in regulating the temperature of their body.

Effects of excessive facial sweating

Individuals suffering from facial hyperhidrosis, will also have to cope with the problem of burning eyes due to excessive salty water reaching their eyes from the sweaty scalp. Just like the hands and feet, face also has high concentration of eccrine glands which makes it highly susceptible to release of sweating.

The patients of excessive sweating of face often avoid taking part in outdoor activities or going outside in warm weather as it stimulates sweating and leads to social anxiety. The sufferers usually carry face towels all the times and may have to take several showers in a single day in quest of combating the issue. The patients also feel a loss of self-confidence and self-esteem due to social anxiety caused due to the visibility of excessive facial sweating. Facial blushing often accompanies excessive facial sweating further worsening this condition and adding to embarrassment.

The excessive facial sweating can also be an indication of gustatory sweating which occurs as result of intake of certain food items.

Facial sweating treatments

The first line of defence usually adopted as facial hyperhidrosis treatments is the use of over the counter tropical antiperspirants that contain aluminium chloride. But these products are likely to irritate the facial skin.

Certain medications can also be used for the facial excessive sweating treatment like Robinul and Sympathectomy. But they have certain side effects like dryness of mouth, difficulties in maintaining focus of eyes etc which makes them not a good long-term treatment for facial hyperhidrosis.

Botox treatment for facial hyperhidrosis has proven to give safe and effective results with minimal side effects. The Botox injections work by restricting the activity of sweat glands by blocking chemical transmission to them.