How to control excessive sweating naturally?

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The excessive sweating medically known as hyperhidrosis is a common problem but many victims are not even aware that they are affected by the issue of excessive sweating. Almost 4% of the population suffer from the sweaty underarms, hands, face and feet. Although the condition does not cause any physical harm or threatening to life but it seriously affects the important aspects of life and can be quite challenging to handle in routine life.

To develop a better understanding of the condition and how you can help to control it naturally, read the post.

Causes of hyperhidrosis

The hyperactive sweat glands are mainly responsible for excessive sweating. These are triggered by the brain part called hypothalamus which transmits the signals to the glands through the nerves. A normal individual only sweats in hot temperatures or when near heat or while doing any physical activity but a victim of hyperhidrosis profusely sweat regardless of the surrounding even in cold temperatures and without doing any physical activity.

Types of hyperhidrosis

The hyperhidrosis can be categorised into two main categories:

  1. Focal/Primary hyperhidrosis
  2. Secondary/generalised hyperhidrosis

The victim of primary hyperhidrosis mainly experiences excessive sweating in the areas of underarms, face, hands and feet. It has no apparent cause or trigger.

The secondary/ generalised hyperhidrosis victim experience excessive sweating all across the body which is usually caused due to come medical condition or some medication.

Natural cures for excessive sweating

The most frequent and embarrassing form of hyperhidrosis is underarms sweating. It adversely affects the social and psychological life of a sufferer because of its clear visibility. It causes discomfort and about 8 million people in the population suffer from it. Here are few effective natural remedies to help in controlling it.

  • Simple changes in lifestyle: In a case of mild hyperhidrosis, making simple changes in lifestyle can help to control excessive sweating. Avoid eating spicy and oily foods. Use natural antiperspirants, wear organic, light and comfortable clothing, avoid intake of caffeine and alcohol beverages.
  • Use baking soda: It has the alkaline properties which helps to fight against the acids in sweating and helps in maintaining the pH level of the body. It also eliminates body odour. Make a mixture of equal amounts of cornstarch and baking powder and apply it in the arm pits after taking a bath. Rinse it after about half an hour or you can also leave it overnight.
  • Use of Apple Cider Vinegar: It is another ingredient that is highly effective for a number of medical conditions including excessive sweating. It helps to level the body’s pH levels including the feet and underarms. It is can also be used as an antiperspirant because when applied on the skin it creates a coating on the surface of the skin that blocks pores thus stopping sweat.

Use a cotton ball to apply the apple cider vinegar on the affected areas and let t dry. Do this on a daily basis for best results. Also, take a tsp of apple cider vinegar daily three times a day before taking the meals which are amazing for controlling excessive sweating.

  • Take wheat grass juice: It is an effective remedy for controlling sweating. It is a rich source of multiple vitamins including A, B-6 and 12, folic acid, vitamin C and proteins. These nutrients help to neutralise the body’s acids and remove toxins. Take a glass of the wheat grass juice on an empty stomach daily which effectively helps in treating the issue of excessive sweating.
  • Sage and herbal tea: Sage herb is a natural antiperspirant as it has high levels of magnesium and a rich source of vitamin B which helps in slowing down the function of sweat glands. It also has antibacterial as well as antifungal qualities. The tannic acid in sage helps to contract the sweat glands which results in an elimination of perspiration.

You can take it as a tea by boiling a handful of sage leaves in water. Strain the leaves and add some honey or sugar. Drink this tea daily which helps to control excessive sweating in underarms. It can also be applied directly on the affected area by using a cotton ball. It eliminates almost 50% of the sweating problem.

  • Take tomato juice: fresh tomatoes are a rich source of antioxidants which also work as the astringent which helps in shrinking the skin reducing sweating. Take 1-2 glasses of fresh tomato juice daily for few weeks which will help in reducing sweating.

Trying out these simple natural remedies will surely help in reducing sweating. If you fail to see any improvements then seeking proper medical hyperhidrosis treatment is highly recommended.

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