How to know that you are suffering from excessive sweating?

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Once the hot summer spell starts, we all start to sweat heavily but the people suffering from hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating is a daily routine irrespective of the weather.

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition in which the sufferer sweat excessively than it requires to cool off the body. Generally, our body sweat approximately one liter of sweat on daily basis but the excessive sweaters, the cooling mechanism of body becomes overactive that results in producing four to five times more sweat than is required to regulate their body temperature.

The prime suspects of hyperhidrosis are armpits but it can also target face, palms of hand and soles of feet which cause wet patches in stains on clothes, clammy and wet hands and smelly feet.

Around 1 in 100 men and women suffer from hyperhidrosis and it normally begins between ages of 14-25 years. It can also be an inherited condition because almost one third of the hyperhidrosis sufferers have a family history of the condition.

The hyperhidrosis sufferers constantly feel worried about how much they are sweating. They may spend lots of time in coping with the condition such as taking repeated showers, changing clothes, placing handkerchief in the pockets or pads under the arms, wearing dark coloured clothing etc. The condition also leads to emotional distress and social isolation. The sufferer may lose the opportunities just because of having severely sweaty underarms or palms or sweaty and smelly feet or extremely sweaty face. They also think that what people would be thinking about them and make excuses to remain away from people or choose a profession which does not involve interaction with people. Hyperhidrosis often has a marked effect on the confidence and self-esteem of the individual.

Signs of having hyperhidrosis

If the following conditions are happening to you regularly as well, then there are high chances that you may suffer from hyperhidrosis.

  • You avoid having any physical contact with the people around such as hand shaking or hugging because you feel that people might notice your sweating.
  • You do not participate in physical activities such as running or exercising or dancing just because you fear that they will make you sweat even worse.
  • Due to excessive sweating, you are facing problems at your job for instance you feel difficulty in typing on the keyboard due to sweaty palms or writing on a paper or holding any tool.
  • You are facing problems in your daily routine activities such as cooking, driving etc.
  • You spend plenty of time daily coping with the excessive sweating for example taking frequent baths, changing clothes etc.
  • You have tried potent antiperspirants or deodorants to keep the sweating at bay but it still don’t work.
  • You feel too self-conscious about having sweating and avoid attending social gatherings.

If you persistently suffer from any or some of these conditions due to excessive sweating then you should see a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Controlling excessive sweating

The first step towards treating hyperhidrosis is to recognize and acknowledge the condition. Many sufferers of hyperhidorsis do not even acknowledge the condition due to the fear of social rejection or embarrassment. So do not suffer in silence but seek professional help.

  • Try something which not just banish smell but also controls sweating such as a high strength deodorant or antiperspirant having aluminum chloride.
  • If over-the-counter antiperspirants don’t help, consult a doctor and get the stronger prescription antiperspirants.
  • Reduce the intake of stimulants such as spicy foods, caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and wear light clothes with loose fitting and organic fabric.
  • Try to lose weight as it helps in reducing the amount of sweating.
  • Your practitioner may recommend drugs such as beta blockers which can control excessive sweating but have side effects.
  • Botulinum Toxin or Botox hyperhidrosis treatment is also an option for controlling excessive sweating. It is FDA approved treatment for excessive underarms sweating and is highly effective. It stops excessive sweating up to 80%-90% but is temporary as you need to have repeat treatment after 3-4 months.

It is better to consult your practitioner to know about the available hyperhidrosis treatment options. You practitioner will assess the severity of your condition and will recommend an appropriate treatment, accordingly.

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