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Hyperhidrosis is a very detrimental condition that is quite difficult to manage and cope with. It shatters individual’s self-confidence and ruin social interactions. If you have followed our tips on how to minimise excessive sweating but the symptoms are still too severe that you are unable to cope with then you should consider taking hyperhidrosis treatment.

Nowadays, various hyperhidrosis treatment options are available which includes surgical and non-surgical treatments. At our hyperhidrosis clinic London, we offer the following excessive sweating treatments. Our qualified and experienced professionals recommend an appropriate treatment for your particular condition after careful analysis and evaluation.

Non-surgical Hyperhidrosis Treatments


  • Topical deodorants and anti-perspirants

There are large number of over-the-counter anti-perspirants and deodorants available in the market. Try out any one of these products to decrease the body odour as they have an anti-bacterial substance or it can mask the smell of sweating. Unfortunately the effect of these products usually remains for few hours. If the condition is unable to improve with over the counter topical deodorants then you can consult a dermatologist or practitioner who will recommend prescription anti-perspirants. These are of strong strength and may cause skin irritation.

  • Oral medication and drugs

To stop excessive sweating, a specialist can prescribe oral anticholinergic medications. These drugs stop the chemical activity of the particular transmission nerves that cause a decrease in sweating. But medications have certain side effects like dryness of mouth, blurred vision. So before considering any medications for excessive sweating treatment, proper consultation with the practitioner should be undertaken.

  • MiraDry

It is an FDA approved, safe and effective axillary hyperhidrosis treatment that cause significant reduction in underarms sweating. The procedure is performed on outpatient basis and does not involve any incisions or cuts. It provides lasting relief from the underarms sweating in a entirely non-invasive manner.

This excessive underarm sweating treatment works by delivering electromagnetic energy to the underarms area that is controlled precisely. The treatment destroys the sweat glands from underarms region. Usually, two treatment sessions are recommended with 3 months apart in order to maximize quality and duration of the results. Currently, MiraDry is not useful for treating the excessive sweating of hands and feet.

  • Botox for hyperhidrosis treatment

Botox is one of the most effective and safe treatment for treating almost all types of hyperhidrosis. It is FDA approved for excessive underarms sweating but is used off-label for treating excessive sweating of palms, soles of feet and face.

Botox treatment for excessive sweating work by temporarily blocking the chemical transmission from the nerves to the sweat glands, that is responsible for activating them. The treatment procedure takes only 15-20 minutes and the effects of the treatment last for about 4 -8 months. The patients need to have botox excessive sweating treatment twice in a year.

The side effects of the treatment are minimal and temporary and the patient can instantly return back to routine activities after receiving the treatment. The full effects of the treatment take few days to show up when sweating and body odour is visibly reduced.

Surgical hyperhidrosis treatments


  • Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy

When the excessive sweating becomes severe, some people choose to go for surgical hyperhidrosis treatment. This treatment is primarily used for the focal hyperhidrosis treatment. The procedure involves cutting of the sympathetic nerves that control the hands and armpits sweat glands. An endoscopic camera is used to find sympathetic nerves. These nerves run across the rib cage near the top of chest. Through very tiny incisions, these nerves are divided which helps to stop sweating.

The treatment can also be used for the treatment of facial blushing, Raynaud’s disease and reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

Though this method seems to be safe but it may alter the vital functions of the body such as stroke volume, heartbeat rate, temperature of skin, dilation of pupil, goose bumps etc. In addition to this, it can also cause reduction in the psychological responses to certain emotions and the response of the body to physical exercises. So this procedure should be considered when all other hyperhidrosis treatments fail to give results.

  • Laser Sweat Ablation

This treatment option is appropriate for the excessive underarms sweating (axillary hyperhidrosis. In this procedure, the sweat glands in the armpits area are destroyed using the laser and then removed through suction. This treatment works successfully with almost 80% of the patients, providing them with the permanent cure from excessive sweating. It is a recommended treatment only for the underarms excessive sweating.

Choice of hyperhidrosis treatment depends on the extent of excessive sweating and how much it is interfering with your daily routine life. It is recommended that non-surgical hyperhidrosis treatments should be tried before choosing the surgical treatments.

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